Anyone get this with their Disney online order?


I received a Disney order this week, and noticed this sticker on every item within the box.

Has anyone else noticed this sticker? Or a different one? I order stuff every year for Christmas and never remember seeing this sticker on anything. It’s kind of odd? I wonder what it means. Do you think it indicates where the order was filled or something??

It’s certainly an unrelated bunch isn’t it? :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Wow,I’m jealous! I just got an order last week with no stickers. Never seen that before.


I did not get a sticker with mine either :frowning: Maybe they just like you more then us…lol


I’ve gotten stickers like that before, just random characters…


See this is what is so weird to me. Each individual item I ordered had this same exact sticker randomly placed on the outside of the box. Three boxes—three of the same sticker…

I feel like ordering something else just to see if it comes with the same sticker or a different one.



I know that’s not true…but I went digging around in the big box to see if there was a contest to collect stickers or something!!! :huh:


I have received random stickers before. I always thought it related to some type of discount on the item. Or maybe I am just cheap and always order discounted items!:blush:


…I don’t think my items were all on sale…but maybe? That could be it???