Anyone get to go to this?



… from Beatrice Feeney: Happy 5th Birthday to Expedition Everest – the tallest mountain in the Animal Kingdom. Well, the ONLY Mountain in the Animal Kingdom. On Saturday, March 5, 2011, Walt Disney World celebrated a birthday fit for a Yeti. It was an After-Hours Party for Annual Passholders and was a free but ticketed event with limited availability. Tickets were hard to come by, due to the computer system getting locked up by the overwhelming response to attend this magical event. But for those fortunate enough to attend, it was a wonderful event. Mickey and Goofy were available in front of Expedition Everest for photo opportunities. Of course Expedition Everest was open for our riding pleasure. I must say that I have NEVER been on this ride after dark. Please make note: If you have the opportunity to ride Expedition Everest at night, DO IT! I have tried to explain into words the beauty that I experienced in that WOW moment and it amazes me how breathtaking it was. The mountain is so beautifully lit at night with the white snow, pinks and purples… as you are riding up the mountain in the slow portion you can look over your right shoulder to see the most amazing image of the Tree of Life. It is lit so brightly – it looked so green and majestic. If you look to your left, you can see Epcot. And straight ahead, you’re heading right through that beautiful mountain. If you enjoy the roller coaster ride, you may be just as awestruck as I was by the magical moment that Disney gives you at night. During the party, we were allowed to venture back about 65 million years and enjoy a few rides in Dinoland: Dinosaur and TriceraTop Spin. There was also a DJ in Dinoland spinning some great music and fun for everyone. Later in the evening as I noticed the party music was coming through the speakers even into Asia, we saw custodial cast members with their brooms and dustpans synchronized dancing and singing to the music. It was such a fun, party atmosphere and I’m thankful to have been a part of it.


This sounds like it was a great night. Any MB’ers get to go?


Old picture of EE under construction.


I didn’t hear about it. Nuts.
I’ve ridden just at sunset as the sky was about halfway darkened.
I wished I’d had my camera.


Can’t believe it’s 5 years already, I remember going to WDW when it was getting built and wondering if we’d ever get to go back and ride it!


Anyone? Would have been so cool I bet!