Anyone going for MK on Leap Day?


Boyfriend and I just planned a trip to WDW for the last week of February into March. It’s his first trip and I am probably over-planning everything (wait?! is that possible?).

I’m torn on this 24 hour thing. As cool as it sounds and as much as I want to do it, I think it might be the more strategic thing to do another park that day and go to the Monday night EMH for MK. We don’t have parkhoppers so popping in and out isn’t an option.

I was just curious if anyone else was planning on being there during this time and what they were planning on.


I won’t be there, but If I were, I think I would go to bed around 7pm, sleep till about midnight and then hit the parks. Crowd predictions are high, but I think they will be low. People are not going to drag their small children out at all hours of the night!


I like this plan. I’d imagine that from about 1am to 6am, things will be looking pretty good!


I thought i’d read somewhere that hoppers were free that day only. If so then you can pop in and out throughout the day.


That’s my time of the day.
Sadly, it looks like I’m not going unless I go solo.
Wifey has to work and doesn’t want to use up all her PTO so early in the year.


This is what I would do! It would be so cool to be going down Splash Mountain at 4am! I think I’d have to do it, just so I could say, ‘yep, I was there, 24 hours in MK!’ They may never do something like this again!


I tried pitching a day at MK with sleep from 5-11ish but it was rejected by the boyfriend.

MK also has EMH on Monday. I think we are just going to do that. Hopefully it will be a slightly lower attendance EMH with people waiting for Leap Day.


I plan to play it by ear. We are going to hit other parks during the day and hit MK in the evening. If it is busy we will head to our room and go back around midnight. If it stays packed at that point we hit the hay.


Our family of 6 will be there. My daughter will be 16 or 4, depending how you count the years, on Feb 29th. We have been at the open of MK on each of her previous birthdays.


I wish I was going to be there!! Sounds like fun - hope you get a chance to be a part of it.


Last week I hit EMH at magic kingdom. It was open until 1 am. By 11 the park had cleared out. I even had my own rocket on space mountain. I would imagine 2am-6am would be most opportune time to hit mk on the 29th


We have discussed it again and have decided to do MK afterall. We will get a late start, head to the Polynesian for a late lunch, and head back until we can’t handle it anymore!


I have tried and have great moments.


How did leap day go @ the MK?


Dead in the AM. We got there at 6:30. Rode Space Mountain three times, literally walking on the car each time. Same experience with several other rides. We had experienced all we wanted in the park by 11:00 AM and headed to HS which was pretty dead as well. by 11:00 MK was pretty busy but not too bad. The kids decided to head back to MK at 1:00 AM. Totally different story. Park was packed. Long wait times at rides as well as the additional characters. I spoke to a CM backstage the next morning during out Keys tour and he had been there since 8:00 PM the night before. They had a lot of locals and CM’s that were off work start flooding in around 5:00 PM and it was a steady stream after that with very few leaving until 6:00 AM the next day. Below is the boat dock in the AM when we arrived.


Love the fog on Seven Seas Lagoon.