Anyone going this Thanksgiving?


Was wondering if anyone has plans to go to WDW this Thanksgiving and where are you having your Thanksgiving dinner.

We aren’t going until Thanksgiving 2008, but I’m anxious to hear where is a good place for dinner. I read on allears that alot of the restaurants have special holiday menus, but it doesn’t say what they are.

Was thinking of Cali Grill for something different and b/c we’ve never been there.


I go every year and meet up with my parents with my girlfriend. I’ve never been a huge fan of any of the holiday menus so we tend to stick to non-Disney restaurants. We’ll either do something like Big River or Rain Forest Cafe. I know most of the mid-tier restaurants like a Boatwrights, Whispering Canyon and Kona Cafe will do special holiday menus featuring Turkey-type dishes with all the Thanksgiving stuff I won’t eat! I have never looked in to any of the more upscale restaurants like a California Grille, Artist Point, Yatchsman Steak House or Narcoosseess, so I couldn’t tell you much there. But, I’d really doubt they’d make any significant changes to their menus just for the holiday.


We will be there but staying off property due to other activities going on. However, I’ll be spending most of my time at the parks while DW is busy with her stuff. We’ve been there during Thanksgiving week many times. I tend to avoid the parks on Thanksgiving Day itself since it is so busy and we will go to other restaurants. Plenty of places open on this day.


Hey lucky lady! :tongue: We will be there Thanksgiving week this year! Last year we were there the day AFTER Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. It really wasn’t THAT busy at all, the weather was PERFECT (with a LITTLE nice crisp in the air), and all the holiday decor was up. This year we’ll be arriving the 18th and staying until the 26th, staying at SSR. We had to work HARD to get those Thanksgiving Day ADRs, even calling on the 180 mark. Pretty much ALL restaurants have “holiday food” that day the only thing that differs is whether it’s buffet-style Thanksgiving, family style, some restaurants offer a combination menu of Holiday plates ALONG with a couple of their normal menu items, etc.

Even though my husband and I are traveling alone the rest of his family, who live in Florida, are meeting us that day making it a party of 10. :pinch: NOT easy to get ADRs on Thanksgiving, even at the 180 mark. We ended up getting a 12 noon ADR at Liberty Tree (special lunch Thanksgiving style), and then we have a 7:30pm ADR at 1900 Park Faire which will be a Thanksgiving buffet. haha, I know, they are VERY indecisive.

My suggestion to you… look on for THIS year’s Thanksgiving offering to get the idea of everything then mark your calendar for your 180 day mark 'cause you’ll need it, trust me! :laugh: If it’s just you, your husband, and Jillian you should be good though.

Here is the link on allears.
Thanksgiving Dining Options


OMG, I’ve been like the past three years and it is usually pretty tame. We did AK and Epcot last year. The only ride we really had to wait for was Soarin’. Thanksgiving day is a good day to go. However, I don’t think I have ever been to MK on Thanksgiving day. Don’t they start taping the Christmas parade around then?


Thanksgiving type food is actually my favorite meal!!! So, even though we’ll be on vacation, I’ll need my turkey and stuffing :wub:. I did look at menus and even the upsale restaurants seem to be offering Thanksgiving fare.


I can’t wait to hear how you liked being there for Thanksgiving!! We are only going for the holiday b/c my 40th bday is the week before, but if we go the holiday week then Jillian will only miss 2 1/2 days of school.

It must’ve been hard trying to get an ADR for 10 people! It’ll just be the 3 of us for the beginning of the week, but then my parents and my 2 nephews are coming at the end of the week and will be joining us for Thanksgiving.

I’m glad to hear you say that it isn’t unbearably crowded then. I have been trying my darndest to get a Garden View ressie at the Poly for weeks now and nothing is available!!! It was making me nervous about the size of the crowds

Are you going to MVMCP? I’m hoping that it starts by then and hopefully no rain like the P&PP!!!:crying:


Well, we’ve only been there starting the day AFTER Thanksgiving and it was pretty dead, SURPRISINLY. I am a little nervous about that week leading UP to Thanksgiving. :mellow: Also, if it IS busy it really doesn’t bother me as much b/c it’s generally a little cooler out. Whereas we were BOTH there within the past couple weeks and that heat is what REALLY can push ya over the edge, I’m sure you noticed. :laugh:

I am NOT going to the MVMCP because they are NOT offering one between December 18th-25th this year. :sad: I WANT to go but we’re checking out on the 25th and I think they DO have one that night but NOT the week leading up to. :sad: Not sure why.


Well,if they offered a MVMCP in August,I don’t think that the snow would be very good!!:laugh: :laugh:


haha, thanks for catching that error. I think I was a little sleepy last night. :laugh: You sillies KNOW I meant December. :blink:


Was in WDW for Thanksgiving 1996 - had dinner at LTT - the food was very good, the only negative I could says was they were rushing us out, we had 6pm adr I guess they were booked. I really don’t like to be rushed.


Hey Wish! Sounds like we will be there about the same time.

The week after Thanksgiving is one of the slowest of the entire year so this is always a good time to go if you can.


I’ve eaten at LTT the night before Thanksgiving for my Thanksgiving meal so I could use my DDE. I’ve also eaten at Biergarten on Thanksgiving day and they did put Turkey and stuffing out.


We are going Nov 15-22 this year. This is our favorite time to go. We have been the past two years the week before Thanksgiving and it is really not crowded at all.I think we waited 15 minutes for rides at the most! It starts to pick up the day before Thanksgiving and stays pretty busy until the day after T’giving but it is still not as bad as some of the summer crowds.


After doing some research… You seem to be right about the upscale restaurants offering the “Thanksgiving fare.” Unfortunately, there are no menus posted as to what they are offering. I do know a lot of people get angry each year with the change to the Thanksgiving day meals. But, hey! You can’t please everyone!!! I’m case and point at that statement! :tongue:


Definitely the Liberty Tree Tavern! We had a super time and the food is served family style. The whole feel of the place is Colonial… perfect for Thanksgiving.
But, please be sure to make your reservations as soon as you are able. Reservations do go fast…