Anyone going to be in WDW in May


the DW and I are going to be in WDW in may and was wondering if anyone else loves to vacation at WDW during this time of year. Now i’m talking about the first couple weeks before memorial day weekend.


That is such a great time to go! Usually we try to go the last week of April through the beginning of May. We have always had great weather and NO crowds…but since Easter is April 24th this year, and I actually got vacation the week their on Spring Break we are going the end of March through the beginning of April…Hope it’s not TOOooo crowded


We will be there May 9 to the 21, and I’m hopping that since it is after spring break and before school gets out the crowds will be low.


that sounds great! the weather will be beautiful!


My favorite time is March when all teh kids are still in school and you can actually get on teh rides or just hang out because there arn’t 500 people running around you. It just seems so much more relaxed.


We are planning to be at BWV from May 3-9. This is our first time in May. Last year we went during DD’s April vacation, but this yearit is around Easter. DH has been through treatments and surgery for cancer, and we are so ready for a vacation!



YES!!! We are going in May and I cannot wait. We arrive on May 15th for 1 week. We LOVE:wub::wub: that time of year to go. The weather is gorgeous and crowds are low. We will be at BC and it is going to be a blast.


We’ve been there the first couple of weeks of May twice before, and will be back in May this year as well. I have found it to be one of the best times to go. Crowds are manageable. Temperatures are warm enough for water parks, but not unbearable. If it does get really hot during the day, it’s sure to cool off in the evening. See you then.


Post SB and pre school letting out is a great time to visit. You will see many parents with little ones in addition to a few grandparents spoiling their little ones rotten.:laugh:
Weather runs from nice and humid free to hot and humid drenched. We have had nights in the 50’s and days in the mid 90’s over the years.


We are hoping to be there the 13th to the 21st


We LOVE going in mid May, usually leave the middle of the second week and return the weekend before Memorial Day. Temp is mid to high 80’s during the day, although in 09 it was in the 90’s and HOT. Very rarely rains and crowds are low. We never took advantage of the am EMH only the night ones because we just loved being in the parks.

If you are going to go to the water parks, the waits are minutes if you go in the morning until about 1-2pm. We’ve never been there after 2 so don’t know how the crowds are then.


Oh, and don’t forget the Flower and Garden Festival ends the 15th. If you are there during the festival, it is absolutely beautiful!


End of May is awesome! The schools are just about to get off so the park hours are getting longer and the crowds are LOW. Great time!


Thanks for all the info everyone, and for those that will be in WDW in may we will see you there.


Our plan is just starting to take shape. May 17-23. We have never been in May and we are looking forward to some warm weather after our freezing Oct. 2009 trip. Disappointed we are missing the Flower and Garden Festival. Does anyone know if some of the displays stay up a little longer in EPCOT?


I say us May’ers should have a meet and greet???


what do you have in mind mousemom?


Set aside one day to have a quick meet. We should look at our times we will be there at the same time.


Well we will be at the Animal Kingdom Villas from May 9 to the 21. I’m doing universal studio’s the first 2 days and then WDW for 10 days.


We are arriving on May 15 to BC. We will be in DTD that night and Epcot on Monday. We will be in theme parks thoughout the week and hanging out at the resort some too. We have reservations at Bomas on the 18th. for dinner. How does a meet up sound to you?