Anyone going to HS


in the next two or three weeks? And are planing on being in the area of Star Tours! I am looking for a pin if you can help will you PM me? Thank you.


Oh how I wish that I was on my way to HS and could help you out :blush: but I am sure that someone here on MB will come through for you. Just in case I am sending some “pixie dust” your way!


I will be there on 7/21. I can help if you don’t find anyone with a closer date.


What pin are you looking for?


I’m always here. What pin are you looking for?


Thanks everyone! Tiggerlover1971 is going this weekend and said she would look for me. The Pins are the stormtroppers eating a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. The boys are really into Star Wars and I thought that would be a great first pin. Surprise first trip in September.


That sounds like a really cute pin!! If you actually get it would you mind posting a picture? We’re big pin trading fans and I can’t recall having seen that one. I’m glad to hear, too, that someone was able to help you.


I have that one! :laugh: Very cute!