Anyone going to the passholder AK party?


This is really weird, but when I try to print out the confirmation slip, it prints on two pages. Half on one page, half on the other. Anybody have any ideas? I havn’t had any problems printing any other stuff.


We’re going! I actually had the same problem! I just stapled the two pages together! It must be something with that page!


So glad it wasn’t just my lack of computer skills. I guess I’ll do the same as you. I just didn’t want to trek over to AK and have them tell me “this is no good”, but if it is happening to other people too…

Our plan that day is, we are having our DGD overnight on Friday, then breakfast at trails end and check out the petting zoo and pony rides. Around noonish take DGD back to parents and we head back to hotel for a rest. The only park we will be doing that day will be the AK party.