Anyone going to WDW in the next couple of weeks?


I’m not staying onsite when we DO go (May 22nd-29th), so I don’t think I can get Mickey to send my youngest a postcard.

I’m still new here so I don’t know if anyone offers to do this, but I was hoping someone who is going in the next week or two would possibly pick up a postcard and send it to my 5 y/o daughter from Mickey (or from anyone really), she would be so excited! Just PM me if you’re willing to do this… thanks! :smile:


I hope that link works…but yes, you could definitely say we do the postcard thing around here! :biggrin:

If I were going, I would be more than happy to do it. :sad: Hopefully someone else can help you out!


Thanks for pointing me to that thread! Seems the last time anyone went to WDW was 3 weeks ago, and I don’t see anyone on there going soon. :frown: Am I to assume that’s the official thread?


Yep, that’s the “official” postcard thread, but I don’t think everyone posts in there so it’s not always up-to-date. :rolleyes: A lot of people just post threads like this one…so what you’ve posted is as good as anything!

Check the “updated Who’s Going To Disney?” thread for the most complete list of who’s going when…that should help you find someone! :biggrin:


I correct what I said…there is a newer one! :blush: My bad…


We are leaving in 2 days YES!! Will be there a few days.
Still need the postcard?
Email me.

Mari annie :smile:

pixie dust to all!!!


It says: Sorry, you have clicked on a page that does not exist.


Thank you so much! I just PM’ed you… let me know if thee’s anything more you need.


If you want a second postcard, let me know, Pete and I are probably going tomorrow:mickey: