Anyone golf at ssr?


OK, I will never claim to be the next Tiger Woods but I was thinking that I might like to get in a round of golf in August when we go home to SSR for the first time. Has anyone done this? If so, since I do not want to lugg around a set of clubs along with everything else a family of 4 takes on vacation, can you rent clubs at the course? Also, how challanging is the course for us hackers?


I have played at Lake Buena Vista and at Osprey Ridge. Both were enjoyable, challenging but fair courses. I am a very average golfer (10-15 rounds per year) and neither made me give up the game.

Rental clubs are available at all courses. Check this link out for info.


Thanks skybug. Looks like I might try out LBV on our down - no park - day in August because it is right next to SSR. Hope they don’t mind someone who only gets out 2 to 3 times a year hacking away on the course.



Hey, I have played all the courses and to be honest, you cannot go wrong with any of them. As mentioned, they do rent clubs, Titleist I believe. Your going to find water on each and every course. Eagle Pines and Osprey Ridge seem to be a bit more difficult. My suggestion would to play the Magnolia. This is one of the original courses and the PGA plays on this course in their October Tournament, HOWEVER, that doens’t mean the average golfer can’t enjoy playing there. The pro’s play from a distance so far back that us averager golfers can’t imagine playing from that distance!! :huh: It is a very fair and enjoyable course.


Thanks Disney1230. Is that -Magnolia - the course where, when watching the tourney on TV, you can actually hear the parade at MK?


Yes, you are correct.