Anyone gone from the Contemporay to the Port using Magical Express?


Flying in to WDW at noon and going to Contemporary on March 12th. Being picked up on March 13 from the hotel to the Port for a cruise on the DREAM.

Do you know what time the bus will arrive to get us? Will we have time to go to MK or not on the 13th?

Just wondering. Any information will help plan this day out.


I don’t think you use Magical Express for that.
For those transfers, I believe you use one of the dedicated Disney Cruise Line buses.
You should probably check with cruise line itself for that info.


Check in at the port doesn’t start until about noon and it’s a maybe 1.5 to the port. Plus there may be a stop at another resort or two first.

MK will open at 8AM that morning but my guess your time would very limited at best. And you DON’T want to miss that bus!

Have a Bahama Momma for me!


Was told that Bus may show up at 1:00ish and to leave our luggage in our room for pick up. But it was emphasized to read the documents when we check in.

Just wanted to get a heads up before check in since we have not done this type of transfer yet.


You will be picked up around 11 AM so you will be there at the port around 1PM for boarding. You will be boarding around 2Pm but won’t be in your room until around 4 PM, the lifeboat procedures are given around 5PM and all must do them. The reason for boarding early is for you to use to where you are on the boat and for a buffet and allow you to make res for different activities. So I doubt that you will be able to make it to MK.


Your pick up time will vary based on their schedule and resort. I think we were picked up at CBR around 12 and then we had to go over to POP to pick up some more people.

We had to have our luggage ready earlier (8 or 9am?) for DCL to pick up.

I also had to make some calls before we got our info as to what time we were getting picked up as they did not have anything ready in our room.

I would say just play it by ear once you get your instructions.


Yeh, I just want to expand on what Soundgod said.

Disney’s Magical Express is the free round-trip transportation between Orlando International Airport and your Disney owned-and-operated resort.

The transportation service between your Disney owned-and-operated resort (plus Swan/Dolphin) and the port for a Disney cruise is provided by Disney Cruise Line. It is NOT Disney’s Magical Express, and more importantly it is NOT free, it is not included in your resort rate or your cruise rate, you pay additional for it.

I just want to make sure you know the difference so you don’t call one about the other. The confusing part is that for both services, the supply of buses and drivers are supplied by the same company, Mears Transportation, but the administration/management of them is separate.


When we used the transportation from CBR to the port, there was an option to be picked up by the DCL bus at AK if we wanted to go to the park that morning. I didn’t because I was too concerned about missing the bus! But you could check and see what time they have pick up there too if you are interested. :slight_smile: