Anyone have a credit card that they think is better


well, I’ve had the Disney chase credit card for about 2 years now. it’s a decent card the fact that the interest isn’t that high and thhat you can redeem Disney Dollars onto a special Disney gift card that they send you! the only thing that is bad is that it gives you 1% return. that meaning every $100 I spend i get $1 for it.

I was actually wondering if anyone had a reccomendation of a credit card that worked kinda the same way, but better. like maybe more cash back or something like that.
I only like the benefit that every year we can get a free 5x7 picture in a special location in epcot which is a pretty cool picture. but if possible can anyone provide with the credit card that you use and the benefits of it.


Discover has always been good for us. The give you cash rewards and low rates.

Also, Chase has a Chase Flex rewards card that gets a lot of points per purchase power. I can’t remember exactly how much, but I think you can go to their website and compare the cards.


I will check that out. thank you very much


Be careful when looking at the Chase Rewards Cards because they sound appealing with better return on points per dollar, but not all of their cards have a 1 point = 1 dollar value like the Disney Rewards Credit Card.

Like their freedom card boasts getting a 1 point (sometimes up to 3)/ dollar spent, but rewards don’t start until 1,500 points are accumulated. After you reach 5,000 points, you’re eligible for a $50 gift card (looks like a 1% return on your investment unless you’re able to tap into the 3 points per dollar).

Just make sure you get all the facts on the Rewards Redemption before you choose a card. :mellow:

(Oh and from what I hear, Discover does have decent rewards, often times cash back, but the trade off there is Discover isn’t accepted everywhere like MC and Visa).


I always look at the Disney card but seems we are not eligable for the card in Canada. If any fellow canadians have been able to get the card let me know…Thanks.


We use AMEX cards…Amex Delta Gold which gives us Delta Skymiles (double on MANY purcahses) and Starwood Preferred Guest Amex which gives us SPG points. That gets us hotel stays at SPG properties (Sheraton, Westin, Four Points, etc) AND airline miles on a bunch of airlines. And you get a 25% bonus when you convert 20,000 points to miles. 5,000 airline miles for free.


My mom has a disney Visa card and she thinks its better than Master card and all that


The only card I currently like is the one that has been cut into many pieces and burned in the fireplace!