Anyone have a list of "must brings!" for the theme parks?


It will be me, dh, and dd12. We obviously want to bring as little as possible, but know we will need some things during the day.


CAMERA!! Rain poncho. Wet wipes.



The rain poncho not only in case it actually rains, but it comes in handy for some of the wet rides, too. :happy:


MONEY! LOL Other than that a backpack or bag to carry your stuff in, camera, sunglasses & maybe some sun block.


Your tickets/ room key, money/credit card, antibacterial hand gel,sunglasses, sunscreen, medications (if anyone may need them). That should be about all you absolutely have to have in the parks. Of course, I always carry much more, but I have younger children. If you can get by with a few of the above thing just shoved into your pockets, you can avoid the security bag search area-just a quick timesaver tip.


Money, creditcard’s, arm and a leg.:laugh: :blink: :redface: :mickey: :smile: :biggrin:


Money, credit card , room keys…
What am I saying?
Let’s go with what Casey’s Corner said :wink:


Sadly its true.:blink:


I’ve heard so much about bringing frozen water bottles, extra socks, zip lock baggies, etc, but it seems like sooooooo much to carry.


Some people bearly bring clothes.


A waterproof bag to put a digital camera in. And chapstick with SPF.


gallon size ziplock bags to keep things dry when on water rides.


:blow: :blow: :blow: :blow: :laugh:


I’ve been able to sneak a water bottle into the parks now and then. Probably because I don’t look like the type to just waltz into disney with a plastic bottle of vodka, but there ya go.

A big fat pen and something hard to write on in case you or your kids want autographs in a book or on a postcard. =)


umm… water bottles aren’t “illegal.” You aren’t sneaking it in. You can bring almost anything in the park - soft drinks, water, chips… just no coolers.


I like carrying as little as possible. We bring a drink in the morning with us and buy more if needed. I wouldn’t want to carry more than the one bottle for any length of time.


mini brush, money, chapstick and small camera…


My favorite way to tour the parks is to bring my “Pool Boy”.

He carries EVERYTHING in a back pack.

Note assorted other family members to the immediate right of said Pool Boy also walking away free of backpacks or park necessities, while Pool Boy is faithfully carrying both heavy backpack and assorted waterbottles with straps slung over his massive shoulders.

I’ve found this allows me the freedom to tour the parks unfettered yet gives me access to all my needs: waterbottles, sunscreen, camera, hand gel, etc.


I’m sure my list will be different than yours because it’s only DH and me. Ponchos, camera, extra batteries, ID’s, CC’s, touring plan/itinerary/ADR cheat sheet (mini version I printed and put on a half of an index card), Blister Block. That’s all. It all fits in my small camera case so we don’t have to take anything else. :slight_smile:


They have very convenient lockers. IT really helps