Anyone have any info on food at disneyquest?


My DS plans to spend some time at disneyquest this trip and I’m trying to find info about food choices there. Can you use the dining plan there?


Hmm…nope. I think there is probably some sort of small food court in there though. If not you’re at DTD and there is tons to eat!


jo-jo, the first time we were at DQ in 2004, their limited food court was so dirty, there was no way we would even consider eating there. BUT, there are so many food choices around outside, your son could easily leave to get something to eat and then return :wink:


DD and I had lunch in there in August and used the DDP. There are a decent amount of choices and the food was fresh and tasted good. I would eat there again.


Thanks all. I’m thinking with a late breakfast, they would just need something small to tide them over with a 5:00 dinner at le cellier. But I’ve never been to disneyquest, so I had no idea.


If I remember correctly, The CheeseCake Factory had a small quick service place in DisneyQuest until recently. The contract ran out (or whatever) and it is no longer there, but a very similar Disney-run quick service spot is in its place.

When I ate there it was The CheeseCake Factory was still there. Choices were limited, and the place was very busy and a bit messy. But it works for a quick fix.

I agree with the other comments - there are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance at DTD. Check out the nearby Wolfgang Puck quick service for excellent pizza :happy:


We went and I was not impressed, definately decided against eating there. Eat before or after, and you can always go back in…


I’m thinking. Seeing as you’re on the dining plan and the selections in Disney Quest never did much for me, consider using that CS credit at Wolfgang Puck’s take away counter instead.
Everyone, please be clear, I’m not saying anything one way or the other about Foodquest, or whatever they want to call it now.
I’m only saying I didn’t really see anything on the menu that I HAD to have.
So I didn’t.:blush: