Anyone have rci?


DH’s grandpa has rci and lets us use it whenever/wherever we want. we are planning to use it june 2009, for us (2 adults, 2 kids) and our friends (2 adults,2 kids). we just don’t know which resort to chooes! :blink:

we stayed at orange lake last time we used it (2006) and enjoyed it. so, i’m tempted to just use it again. but…is there somewhere else (rci) that you would recommend?

:wub: thanks!


Is Bonnet Creek in there? That is right on WDW property!!!


Girlie, why don’t you write down all of the resorts in the Orlando area and then log onto for resort reviews.


ooh - tripadvisor - great idea! i hadn’t thought of that! there are 79 resorts in the area! wow.

bonnet creek is listed, but i am not sure we can do it. it’s so confusing. i need to call them - he is rci weeks, and some say rci points - so i don’t know if that means we can’t do it, or if its an additional change fee or what.

bonnet creek is gorgeous - that would be awesome if we can do it!!!


You should TOTALLY check that one out. It is LITERALLY on WDW property!!! Call Gramps now!:laugh:


well…thats the other problem - gramps is dealing with alzheimers right now, so he won’t be much help. i can call rci directly, i think, and then DH’s mom has power of attorney, so she can book for us. last time, he called and told them i have permission to do it all for him. maybe he can do that again, if we are there to coach him on the phone.

i’m calling right now to see what they’ll tell me!!


ugh!! the stupid rci lady was sooo rude! i am not listed on his account to use it yet, he hasn’t called again since the last time, so she won’t even let me ask if bonnet creek is available for rci weeks. so, now i have to get him to call (or get dh’s mom to get the paperwork so she can be the one who does it all) to say that i can do the planning, and then i can plan.

he won’t do it unless someone is there to help him, so i guess i am waiting a few days until she goes to his house. oh, that lady just made me so mad - she was so rude about it. there are nice ways of saying things, and evidently, they didn’t teach those ways to her!!!

ok, rant over, i’ll find out more about what is available this weekend.

so…if anyone else has any suggestions, fire away!!


I have a dumb question–what is Rci?


Rci has nice resorts. My mom has rci and international interval. We use her week and exchange it each year. We flip back and forth between the two. We stayed at Orange Lake last year and really,really loved it. I was told that we could only use it evry 5 years ( it could of been 3 but I think 5). They do have nice resorts. I always try and book a gold crown resort. They seen to be the nicest. We have also been to one that was right acroos from Sea Worl and that had really alot of room. It was nice also. I don’t remebr the name though. Let me know if you have any questions. I will try my best to answere them.


Can I ask the same as Bella, what is RCI?


It is a timeshare.


sorry everyone - RCI - is a timeshare company.

thanks for the info mousemom!


Actually it’s a Resorts Condominiums International. It is a timeshare exchange company.

Points locations can be booked for less than a week by points members. If you have a weeks membership it’s strictly swapping seeks.

You can’t exchange into OL but every 3 years as I recall. You can do is rent extra time there or other Orlando timeshares. These are weeks that haven’t been exchanged generally.

From the membership…you NEED to have him deed the timeshare that he owns to you. Best would be to add you to the title with “rights of suvivorship.” That way you are also the owner, and then you can have RCI add you to the membership also. Later when he passes, the property becomes yours.


wow, that is exactly what i needed to find out!! thank you so much! I just had this discussion with DH’s mom (she has power of attorney for his grandpa). she was asking me what we should do about it all. I will pass this info on to her. she did say we should use it every year - no one else in the family will use it. i’ll ask her to do this and then we’ll be set! thanks!!!


We stayed there in 2006. We were there for a week and a half. My only suggestion is take a GPS, we spent a lot of our time looking for the resort from the different parks. Also, don’t plan on using their transportation, its a pain. They only run at certain times and you need to make reservations. :frowning: Hope they changed it. They have really built up around there now. I probably wouldn’t recognize it.


Emamasa, I sell TS in AC, NJ and we use II and RCI. (THAT was a lot of acronym’s :laugh:) All you have to do is call the place where your Grandpa owns and they will send you paperwork from the contract administration department to have the deed changed - it really is not a very hard process at all. That way, you can do what rcharmichael said and you won’t run into problems in the future. Some people purchase points and some people (it all depends on your home resort) purchase 8/7’s, which is 8 days, 7 nights. However, you are not blacked out from using any of the resorts in RCI regardless of what you own. They have a way of determining how many points equals how many days and so on and it is different depending on where you go, what season you go and what type of accomodations you are staying in as far as # of bedrooms. If there is a stipulatoin that you can only exchange into Orange Lakes every 3 years I am not aware. I book my trips through a VIP department as an employee so it is different for us. That stinks if it is true but I know it is a popular place. I hope you get what you want!! :happy: