Anyone have these DISNEY books?


Any reviews for these (ASAP) would be great:
Birnbaums 2006 CDisney Cruise Guide
PassPorter 2006
Thanks guys!


PassPorter 2006 doesn’t come out until the end of November (I think). I have heard it’s a full color edition. But based on the old one, it was pretty cool. I liked the pockets to keep things in.

Have never read the cruise guide, so no help there.


the Passporter is a favorite guide book of mine. Do get it. You won’t be sorry.


I have the three-ring special edition with replacable pockets and pages. I love it and highly recommend it for useful information and planning tips.

I haven’t read the Birnbaum’s edition that you mentioned, but I found that Birnbaum’s doesn’t have as much useful information and and tips and is more like a big Disney advertisement. I know there are people who like it, but it is not my preferred source.


I agree with lawwin here. It’s like a large advertisement for disney and really doesnt give you honest opinions or negative things to look out for. I love to get this edition to get me excited about a trip and for all the great pretty pitucres.


The only Passporter at our local Barnes & Noble was the new one for special needs kids. I was disappointed they didn’t have others. I HAD to buy something that night (just cant wait for anything) so I bought the Fodor’s Walt Disney World with kids 2005. It was helpful, but I wish I would have checked around for the Passporters. It sounds like the favorite.


They sell them on Amazon. That’s where I got mine. Click on the link through this site. PLus orders over $25 have free shipping. When you have the Passporter, make sure you go to their site and register and you get really cool updates and news every week.


Yah, My mom (Lawwin) is sitting there right now reading me Trivia questions from her new books. She must really love them. I like them because I have learned new things.


I know you didn’t ask about the Unofficial Guide ( but I am a convert from BinBaum’s. A ton of information, easy to read, and entertaining.