Anyone heard anything about free dining for Dec 2009


I read somewhere that someone got a mailing about free dining :wub: for Nov/Dec 2009. Has anyone seen or heard about this promo?




Yes, I received an email PIN code for the same thing back in June!!


Darn…no PIN for me. Any way to get a PIN if it isn’t mailed to you?


Sadly no…the best thing to do is sign up for a Disney Planning DVD and registering on the site.

I am not sure if they’d release FD for Nov. & Dec to the general public…they might but those are typically pretty busy times. Who knows though!


Good information. Thanks all. I’m going to let my brother know that there might be a possibility for free dining this winter because I think he wants to take his kids back to WDW. They haven’t been in about 4 years, and being the big sister I am, I’m going to strongly encourage him to look into it for a Christmas present.:happy: