Anyone here a Campus Rep?


Hi Everyone! I’m new here to Mousebuzz, but that’s not the purpose for this topic.

I was lucky enough to work on the College program back in the Fall of 2008, and I was just this week accepted as a Campus Representative. The gentleman who interviewed me told me he was going to send me an information packet before the start of the new year, however I am all ready a little impatient and for a good reason.

I am planning on going on my honeymoon in May (with my beautiful fiancee who I met on the College Program) and we are planning on spending a week in Disney World. I was wondering if anyone knew of the benefits that Campus Reps get so that I can plan ahead on what I am looking at paying. For example, can I get a Main gate Pass or at least a pass for myself? Do we get discounts at resorts? The passes alone will help me out immensely, and if I can get a discount, I know I will be able to do even more to make our honeymoon extra special. I want to know these things because I want to be able to book things as soon as possible so that I can to be sure that I can make my reservations.

Thanks a lot Mousebuzz! I look forward to hanging around here and learning a thing or two about Disney!


Welcome to Mousebuzz! Sorry I can’t answer any of your questions! But I’d love to hear if anyone else around here has an answer. There’s a few people on here who have done a CP. And a couple on the CP and CS right now. But honestly, our CP/CS crowd isn’t that big, but it’s definitely getting there!!! I did a CS this past Spring and I’m applying for CP for Fall! I’d love to hear any info you find out about being a Campus Rep. One I get the chance I’d love to be one!

Good luck and congrats! You’ll love everyone around here! :blush:


I’m pretty sure Screever was a campus rep. Try sending her a PM?


I was a Campus Rep 9 years ago so this information is likely VERY outdated, but at the time I was given a Main Gate Pass for myself and I was sent periodic One Day Park Hoppers throughout the year. I think I got two one day hoppers per semester. I also was able to get the CM discount on resorts. I was able to take a trip the summer after being a campus rep with a very good discount at ASMusic, my maingate pass and the 4 one day park hoppers for my traveling buddy. I also still got a 20% discount on food and merchandise.

Again, this is very old information, but it is what I received as a campus rep in 2000-2001.


My sister is a seasonal employee and from what Karen said, it sounds like campus reps get the same kind of perks. So I can tell you my sister gets and hopefully its similar to what you will get. She gets the resort discount (50% off hotel), 20% discount on merchandise, and 6 park hoppers for 3 people each day. She also gets 2 complimentary tickets a year to use as she pleases. And each holiday season she gets one more park hopper for up to 3 people that’s only good for the holiday season. I hope that answers your question! If you need more info, just let me know.