Anyone know anything about Disneyana?


So here’s the thing. My mother in law had these platters. Years ago she hauled them out for us to eat on at Thanksgiving (no regular sized plates would do, apparently!), and I immediately thought, “Those are from Disneyland. Disneyland Hotel, maybe.”

Everyone at the table just humored me. MIL doesn’t remember where she got them, possibly as part of an auction lot or just picked them up (she used to be big in antiques, but not Disney). She thinks they might have been seconds.

Nevertheless, now that she’s moving into a small apartment and clearing out her house, I asked if I could please have them.

Anyone have any thoughts on these platters? I’ve been looking around the web to see if I could find anything, but no luck. (There was an eBay sale of a plate in the same design, but just because someone on eBay said it was Disney doesn’t mean I believe them!) The back says “Homer Laughlin”.

I figure there’s got to be a Disneyana site out there somewhere where someone knows about this stuff, but I couldn’t find one.


Is there a pattern name or number on the back?


Not really. It says “FFB-1”, but apparently so do several other of the Homer Laughlin patterns.


Didn’t find your platter, but you could probably contact the company. I found their web site: