Anyone know if the New Narnia Attraction is Open Yet?


We are off in 2 days for our last minute trip to use up our Seasonal Passes.
One thing I am interesting in seeing is the new Narnia Attraction. It was closed in May when we last went and everything I read shows it being open in Summer 2008.

Anyone know the status on the opening?


The Disney site says its “NOW OPEN!” ::happy:

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Hmmm, that looks interesting. Will be interested in your comments about this attraction…you will post, right?


Yes, it is open. It is very impressive for a walk through. Nice effects …but I think I am spoiled to riding and being pulled in a little bit more. I will do it again for sure though.


Sure will.


Definitely open right now.


Definitely like the Narnia movies and didn’t even know this was an attraction at WDW, can’t wait to see it!


Hate to be negative, but we were kind of surprised by the fact that this attraction seemed to be just a glitzy trailer for the movie. I hate to be negative, but, like I said, we were surprised and mildly disappointed


Did you see the first Narnia attraction? It was the same way.


I think I will check it out the next time I am down there… It sounds like it would be interesting.


We will definitely be checking it out very soon. I will post pics in my TR. I can’t wait to meet Prince Caspian.


Does anyone know if it is better than the first one? I mean the first one wasn’t bad, just wondering if the new one is pretty much the same type deal…


I had to genuflect at the Stone Table. I couldn’t help myself. :blush: :laugh:


I can understand that. It will be amazing to see.