Anyone know if they serve


Do they offer Minute Maid Light Lemonade at the restaurants and QS soda fountains? I stopped drinking pop about 6 months ago and, when I am out, I will drink the Minute Maid Light. Does anyone know if this is available? I know they offer some of the specialty, glow cube drinks that use the Minute Maid, but I just mean the plain Minute Maid Light.


Port Orleans French Quarter, Sassagoula River Floatworks, Scat Cat’s Lounge, Pool, Bar, Grounds, Etc. ? easyWDW

In this rundown of pofq by easywdw, i see it on the dispenser. I think it is available at backlot express at hs where you get your own drinks. Lots of places have tea as well.


Pretty sure they do… My kids drink lemonade, and they always had something to drink. No worries!


My DD is a lemonade freak…loves the stuff. It’s available all over WDW.


I know they have it at AKL.


Most, but not all, places have MM Pomagranate Light Lemonade and it is to DIE for. Have been searching grocery stores everywhere for it since we returned. No luck.


Great! Thanks!