Anyone know if


El Pirata Y el Perico Restaurante is open this weekend?

Thanks in advance!


Bouncy Bounce…



Y’know, that restarant has never been open any of my trips! I always miss it! Good luck to you!


Hmm, I guess we will find out Tigger. I like eating there for lunch too! Maybe if I remember today I can call the WDW number. Would they be able to tell you?


I think they’re only opening it during heavy periods. Last fall they tried an experimental buffet there for a few weeks, but they haven’t done anything more with the buffet since.


Maybe since Cosmic Rays is closed, they will be open! :happy:

DO you want me to call Disney Dining and ask!?


I haven’t eaten there since the 90’s when it was always open. I’d like to eat there again one of these days.


Is Cosmic Rays still closed? I was hearing the parks and dining are packed so it would make sense for the El Pirate place to be open for the next couple of weeks…


I sure hope it is open…I’ve always wanted to eat there!

(well not always but gee-whiz it is always closed and that just makes me want to eat there even more…)


It just hit me in the car on the way to the grocery store that if Cosmic Ray’s is still closed due to the fire I would assume it would have to be open to help eleviate the lunch-time counter service overflow. I am with Erin on that idea :smile: If anyone else wants to call disney Dining to find out that would be fabulous, I have to run out and get some more last minute things done and get completely packed here.


I’ll tell you what…if it is open I will eat lunch with you there!



A treat for yourself this weekend Tigger? :wink: :happy:


sounds fabulous! text me when you figure it out :happy: