Anyone know more about this pin?


it says on the back :


i cannot find it listed on any official, or unofficial site…only listed for sale on ebay.

anyone know anything more about it?

i think “lanyard pin series” is now called something else.



I thought laynard series was the starter sets, but I could be mistaken. Try pming nutty.


oh, okay, thanks.

that makes sense as to why i couldn’t find “lanyard series” anywhere…i should pm “nutty” who?:blush:


[QUOTE=chottsy;878918]oh, okay, thanks.

that makes sense as to why i couldn’t find “lanyard series” anywhere…i should pm “nutty” who?:blush:[/QUOTE]

dhoughten…the pin forum moderator. She’s is THE pin expert.


okay…so i am totally clueless…obviously!LOL:blush:



just sent her a pm! :o)


chottsy –
I am sure Deb will be able to help out a lot. You can also go to this site, which has info on most all pins, photos of the pins and pin sets, and all sorts of other info, including pin events:

Dizpins News and Information


thanks MissD,

deb pm’d me back…she’s going to see what she can find on it. she thinks it might be a cm pin.

the Dizpins site is very hard for me to navigate for some reason…i don’t find it user friendly.

i am able to get in there and dig around, but the layout of the site is weird to me.

i have found info. there on a few of my pins, but not this one.


A lot of sellers mention lanyard series because there are some pins that you can only get by trading with CM. They do come in a series - like the silhouette ones and the Donald dressed as different characters - but one CM willnot have them all. You have to hunt them all down :pirate:


It is def a CM pin…it took me a little while, but looking through my inventory and descriptions I finally found it! :happy:


THANK YOU!!!:heart:



Here’s the easy way to see info on this pin. Pin Pics: View Pin 13481 It’s been covered but hey, why not? lol


We had a CM give us a pin once, and he told us it was PRE hidden Mickey . . . it did say CM exclusive on the back . . . you really have to have a good eye for these things and know your pins!!

Sounds like you are having fun already! :heart:


thank you!:mickey:


im glad you got your answer and happy pin trading