Anyone know the answer


I know this is a strange question ,but has anyone heard of a DVC member ,while checking in and asking for an upgrade ,lets say from a studio to lets say a one bedroom…I probably know the answer BUT just thought I would ask…


Upgrades are very rare when staying on points. If for some reason a room has to be pulled due to a problem with the room then you may get an upgrade if there isn’t another room in that category available. I have never heard of an upgrade for any other reason and I don’t think they will just give you one because you ask.


that is what I thought ,but like someone said once it never hurt to ask…but when we go I will try and will report on the answer…but thanks for your prompt answer


The only time I’ve heard of this happening was if there was an issue with a room. A friend of mine at work rented points to a co-worker, when the co-worker got into her studio room the plumbing in the shower wouldn’t stop leaking & the fridge wasn’t working properly. There were NO other studios currently available & they actually moved her to an available one-bedroom. As far as requesting an upgrade, haven’t heard about that happening yet. Doesn’t mean it has never happened but I’ve never heard of it.