Anyone know the latest on times that the monorail is running?


When we are at BLT, the MK is open until midnight and then EMH until 2 AM. I would perhaps like to go to the late hours. DH thinks he wouldn’t be able to function at that hour. But I don’t know if it will be safe walking from MK to BLT by myself during these hours. I thought I could take the monorail, but not sure if it is running that late. Anyone know?


According to their website, the Monorail runs 1 hour before earliest opening, until 1 hour after latest closing!! :blush:


Thanks. I thought about 6 months ago, the monorail was running shorten hours because of repairs of something. Didn’t know if that changed.


Now I’m just going right from Disneys website…when you get there, I would ask just to be sure…but it sounds like you have plenty of time to ride it to BLT…


The monorail runs for an hour after the park closes. There is also the boats that will ferry you to the back of the Contemporary (might be a little cool) that also run for an hour after park closes. We have walked many nights from the Contemporary to the MK without issues, but there is always the first time I guess… better safe than sorry.


If your feet are up to it, and the monorail has stopped running, I’d just walk back to BLT. As for when the monorail stops running, yes, one hour after regular park close, meaning it shuts down one hour before EMH ends. Beside the boat, supposedly, there is a bus that runs to CR, Poly, and GF from MK after the monorail shuts down. Another thing to keep in mind about boats to CR/BLT, they have to head into Bay Lake because the dock is on Bay Lake and that means a longer trip than either the bus or by foot.


The length of the walk isn’t the issue. We always walk. It just that I may be walking alone during the EMH. Just trying to be cautious.


I can’t recall ever feeling unsafe anywhere inside WDW, regardless of the hour.
Of course, being a 6’ tall 215 lb. man, I don’t make such an appetizing target.

But seriously, when staying at WL, there are many times I’ve walked out to the dock in the middle of the night. Same goes for Yacht/Beach where I’d walk out to the lighthouse. I never worried once. I’ve wandered all over the Pop’s grounds, even crossing the bridge (AoA hadn’t opened yet, so that side was fenced). Last time we stayed at Pop, I wandered all over AoA before heading back to our room. Can you guess I have insomnia?
As for the walk back to BLT at 2 AM, there will be other guests heading back, even a few with strollers. You will run into security guards all the way to the traffic light, plus there’s people in the bus station as well. Once you cross the street, you walk passed the guardhouse and the guard should at least see you coming.


Once I was walking along the “secret” way to the BCV late at night. At the time the walkway was rather dark, with all those bushes and the ground drops off the side. I realized I was all alone on the path. I was carrying my drink mug. I took my lanyard, hooked it on and wrapped in around my hand. I was ready for any lizards or any bunnies that planned to attack. Sorry, it’s the phila in me.


The only place I think you stand a chance of being attacked by bunnies is Wilderness Lodge.



But what about the ducks, I hear they roam in packs.


Make a loud noise, no more duck pack following you.


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