Anyone know the points for 2007 at WDW?


I saw someplace the points for DVC are less next year at WDL is that same true for WDW property? friends is going to start looking to book for us but i wanted to check into if its points are dropping first or not.

another question how far out do we bookor can we book with DVC for like fall 2007? Is it solely based on the DVC member who rents the points or is in one of those things were you can not reserve with your points until so many days before?

thanks much!!!


I am not sure if points for what you want have gone down. I know that 2007 is released so they are set. You can check it out on Then click on accomodations to pick which resort you want to check out.

DVC members can make reservations at their home resort 11 months out and 7 months out at the other DVC properties.

Hope this helps.