Anyone know the Pop's Bus Route?


Ooops I meant the All-Star Resorts Bus Route. Sorry.

Specifically, do the buses stop first at Sports then Music then Movies? Or which order? Would Pop Century be a better choice to stay considering the bus routes?

Any comments will help. Thinking of staying at an All-Star Resort this spring break in March.


Actually, when we’ve been there it depended on time of day and where you started from. During the day there would often be one stop at the park for “All Star Resorts” and they would stop in the order Sports, Music, Movies. The busses headed to the park also stopped at all three in the same order,

Now, first thing in the morning, or after the parades/Illuminations at night there would be specific busses for each resort and separate lines to catch each.


All Stars, if they are sharing,
1 Sports
2 Music
3 Movies
4 Park
5 Sports
6 Music
7 Movies

If they are not sharing, it will be resort specific to park.
I also think that the DHS bus route also includes Blizzard Beach while I know for sure that the DTD bus includes Typhoon Lagoon.
Another thing is that the MK bus as often as not is resort specific while the others it depends on how busy the parks are and how booked the resorts are.

By the way, resort to park transport questions are welcome in both the parks and resorts forums. That way you’ll have a better chance of getting a quicker answer.


We stayed in All Star Movies the last bus stop and we hated waiting for the bus. It was just always packed, and believe me you don’t want to stand for three stops after a long day in the park. I always wanted to stay in POP so if it was up to me, I would do POP in a heartbeat.


Thanks All for the Information!!!