Anyone know where I can find invites?


Hi all! I once seen around here that someone had personalized invites sent to their kids while in disney for dinner and such. I cant remember where I seen them but I thought it would be awesome if I can find some for my kids and hopefully get my DD9 excited about the trip. Thanks…


Here is an MB link that Emerson613 started with personalized invites…


You have seen those in Emmerson613’s thread.


LOL… we were thinking the same thing DOPEY!!


heehee, Daisee- two hearts one something else :laugh:


OMG :laugh:


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Just like Daisee and Dopey said…Emerson613. She does an AMAZING job and really helped to make our trip extra special for my girls. Avery still has her letter from Cinderella on her wall.:wub: