Anyone like Teppan Edo?


We are thinking about eating in the Teppan Edo when we go down to Disney in June. Did anyone like it? Any comments? Should I stay away? Let me know! Looks good.

  • Justin


great question. I just booked there for June as well, although i have never been…


I haven’t seen that many reviews on MB about it… so now i’m nervous about going.

  • Justy


I was just reading on that people really liked it. They said that it was similar to other hibachi style restaurants in other places… Look at it under the rate and review section, then go to Epcot, then they list the restaurants. it might help you make your decision…


I have eaten there twice and really enjoyed it! I also really like sushi which can be ordered there as well, and its yummy!


We really enjoyed it when we ate there last August, and are planning to go back this June. I HATE onions, but I couldn’t eat enough of them while we were there. It’s that good.


That’s great we love hibachi! Thanks for the comments guys.

  • Justy


We ate there last summer and thought it was just ok… It was nicethat we sat with another family who loved Disney as much as we did so we talked Disney through out the whole dinner. The place is very pretty, we were seated in five minutes (we had an ADR). The hibachi chef was very entertaining and the food was good but it wasn’t any better then the hibachi we have at home. My DH and DS also had sushi and said it was very good. For our DS12 who is an extremly picky he could not find anyting on the menu that he liked so he just ate desert. If you are looking for over the top hibachi I would not suggest it but if you are just looking for a genuine japanease dinner it will be fine.


We’ve eathen there twice… but times before the renovation. The first time was really good, and the second merely okay. Since we’re a group of 4, we’re always seated with antoher group. The first time were a group of adults on a business trip (blah) and the second time was with a family who apologized over and over about the behavior of their children. Also, on the second trip, our scallops were gritty; likely sand that wasn’t properly cleaned. We also like that you can get sushi as an appetizer.

Even with the issues, I’m sure we’ll try it again.



Thank you for your comments guys… We just thought It would be something different to try in WDW. we are still gonna go most likely :).

  • Justin


I didn’t read the other posts yet! :blush: But here is what we thought!

We went back in January for DD5 birthday.

If you have picky kids, not a good place. My meal was good, and the family dining with us were back from the day before they liked it so much! My DD9 summed it up well “The cooking was cool, the food OK, not sure I’d want to go back though?” :huh:

I agree with trying things myself too, at least once! :smile:


We ate there last May and we loved it! We were there with my parents, my DH and our DS5, DD3, DD1. So much character, so much fun. It is a great change from a typical sit-down restaurant!


I went early last year and absolutely loved it! Its a fun experience, and delicious food!


I am excited about trying this place out for the first time in May.


Me and you both :).

  • Justy