Anyone looking for a Pal Mickey?


Hi all! I didn’t know where to post this at but I am selling my Pal Mickey to help fund my next trip. I took him with me last week to MK and he just seems to be too heavy for me to carry around. I figured I would ask here first before I put him up on Ebay.
What I have is Pal Mickey dressed in the Sorcerer outfit. I also have the POC outfit and the raincoat and boots outfit. He will come with all this plus the yellow laynard to carry him on. He has only been used for 1 trip. I keep him in my Disney box at home under my bed so he is well taken care of. If interested please send me a PM today because if I dont hear back I will have him up on Ebay on Friday.
I am asking $60 for all.

Thanks guys!


Anyone interested??


Man, I just bought one off of E-bay. We bought it for DD who’s birthday is March 18th. Good luck with your sale, I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling it.


What does it do?


Pal Mickey is a interactive mouse that you take into the parks. It will tell you special things about the parks. If you google Pal mickey it will tell you a better description about him…


Thanks~ I was going to put him on Ebay but Im not about to give out my credit card info just to see him. My DH did that and Ebay was on his bank statement for a ton of bogus charges.


we have the older version and the kids would love it for the first day or so but then it became Mama’s friend… I would love it but I dont think it would be a big hit this time around for us


i am interested


That’s about what happened to ours. My DH thought it was cool for a few days but it got old carrying him around all the time and we started leaving him in the room. Now he just stays home.


I will say though that he did come on two trips with us… it was funny because at AK he would tell us that Tarzan was starting soon and it was no longer even a show there:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: We got a kick out of that


Thanks for the interest!!! I PM’d you back but cant figure out how to send pics via PM so here they are as it looked when it was brand new. Please keep in mind he is used once and the pics came off the web as he would look like off the shelf. I purchased him from WL gift shop and the outfits came from Mouse Gears in Epcot


Just wanted to let ya all know Pal Mickey is sold! Thanks to all who PM’d me. :heart:
Disneylovers5 I hope he brings you as much happiness as he did to me! :wub:


i know he will thanks so much


Your welcome! I just changed the batteries so he should be good to go for ya! He will be shipped in the off postion so all you need to do is dress him and turn him on! Thanks again!