Anyone lucky enough to be going to the "Dream Imagine Create?" event in DL?


So, I just found out about this whole “Dream, Imagine, Create” event at the Disneyland Resort and I am obsessed about wanting to go. :sad: It sounds UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I REALLY wish I would have found out about this before we went in June b/c I WOULD have delayed our trip and booked one of the event packages.

This is like my dream Disney event. :sad: Silent auctions, live auctions for exclusive park & 50th props, art, etc… Not to mention cocktail reception, a “Dream sale” (Our Dream Sale will be an open air shopping experience where you will discover Disney treasures at affordable prices. Each item was used or designed for use throughout the Disneyland® Resort.), and all sorts of other fun things.

Is this something they do every year? Or is this it? DANG IT!! I WANNA GO!!!


I guess not? :tongue:


I don’t think I’ve heard of this before…hmmmmm…


wow - it sounds amazing! dreaming…yep, just a dream, i can’t go!


Unfortunately all the packages are sold out. :sad: And only people who purchased packages are able to participate in the events. :sad: I called Disney’s Event Services today.


It looked interesting… :cool:

It’s a shame the packages are sold out. :crying:

Would give you a reason to go to Disneyland for sure… :wub:


Like I need a reason to go to DL AGAIN after just being there 2 months ago :tongue: Aye, I am so broke anyway… I would probably just be tortured being at the dream sale. :rolleyes: