Anyone members out there read "Disney Wars"?


Have any of you out there read Disney Wars? I have and I found it to be a pretty good read. It is AMAZING to read about the ins and outs of running a entity as large as Disney. If you have read it, I am interested in your thoughts. If you havent, I consider it a MUST for all true Disney fans!!!


I have it and you gave me the motivation to start reading it tomorrow… My front porch is being replaced and it would keep my mind off all the noise. :slight_smile: Thanks


I have not read it myself, but I do remember seeing other member’s reviews of the book on MB in the past. I’m sure they’ll chime in here.


Still have not read it…maybe I will get it for the plane ride TO WDW…


I own it but I haven’t read it yet.


Ok…Never heard of it! Now I feel like a bad mouse-buzzer :frowning: Someone clue me in???


Ok, I’ve never heard of it either. What is it about exactly?


It takes place during Michael Eisner’s tenure as President of Disney. The book talks about the inter-workings and powerplays that occurred during this time. It is fascinating to read about decisions that were made and deals that were struck, or almost struck. As we all know Disney is an empire. To listen to the day to day decision making is astounding. I actually didnt read the book, but rather purchased it as an audiobook and listened to it as I worked out. I usually dont read/listen to books more than once. This book is the exception.


I think my DH may like this book! 'Rx are you reading this? Who is the author of this book and is it fiction or non fiction?


Thanks so much for this information. I definitely want to read it now. It sounds fascinating.


Ooo this sounds really ineresting! Im pretty sure my Dad would love this…I smell a chrsitmas pressie in the making lol! (Dad if your reading this forget that last line!!)


I started it about a week ago. It is a very thorough book, but it takes a while in my opinion to get going. It is interesting to read about what all has happened in the last 20 years.


I’ve got it and haven’t had a chance to read it yet!


is it something that a 13 year old would enjoy? My son is always into the behind the scenes of Disney and talks about it a lot- he reads well beyond his years so its hard to find things he would like that also stays somewhat clean. Is it a safe book for him?


I bought it when it first came out and started reading it but haven’t finished. Its a wonderful book. Some of the corporate politics and power plays that took place make it a pretty fascinating book.


He might be a bit bored with it. It talks a lot about the corporate structure and introduces a lot of the board members and officers. There is nothing in it (that I have read) that would not be appropriate for a teenager, but it might not keep his attention. I will say this, I saw a different side of Michael Eisner.


I agree. I mean I guess to function at that high of a level you have to have your hands dirty somehow. I wonder, though, how much of this is truly factual and how much is fabricated. I guess that I never heard of any lawsuits for slander…so I answered my own question.


I read it. It was a good book. Takes you on the other side of the magic. You also see the corporate paranoid feelings. It kept my interest, and showed the work involved of running parks to creating characters.