Anyone need 36 DVC points?


A co-worker is renting out 36 DVC points that expire January 31st. She is renting them for $10. per point. Please PM me if you are interested and I will give you her contact info.


bumping… for my friend :smile:


Hey Wish, what would 36 points get you?


Depends when ya wanna go, where ya wanna stay, and what kinda room ya wanna stay in :tongue:

For instance, let’s say…

You wanted to stay at Old Key West for 3 nights in a Studio, let’s say Sun, Nov. 18th-21st it would only be 24 points.

If you wanted to include a Friday or Saturday night in that it would be a little more. Let’s say umm, you wanted to stay Sat., Nov. 17th-20th it would be 37 points.

If you were able to go the first two weeks in December, OR anytime in January it would be slighty “cheaper” points wise. It’s all dependant.

If you wanted to throw me out some dates/resorts I could tell you exactly


I was REALLY hoping somone would scoop these points up from her REAL fast b/c I DON’T want to force myself to add two more nights to our November trip… I’m already broke enough as is… PLEASE someone make these dissapear before she tries to convince me ONE MORE TIME to just buy them from her myself :glare: :laugh:


Hmmm…what about January 10th thru 13th? What could I get?


January 10th-13th… Well unfortunately this wouldn’t be enough points b/c that includes an ‘al la carte’ Friday & Saturday night which is pretty “point expensive.” The LEAST amount of points you’d need for that 3- night stay would be 48 points at Old Key West in a studio.

36 points would be BEST for someone able to stay 3 nights NOT including a Fri/Sat OR someone who wants to add on a couple days to their trip.

For example Ddoll, if you were ABLE to go January 8th-11th you’d be able to stay at Old Key West in a studio for only 24 points!! Heck, you could stay at the Beach Club for those dates for EXACTLY 36 points in a studio.


These points are no longer available :biggrin: