Anyone Need These ADRs?


I still have to give away-

Ohana character breakfast Oct 18th 10:40am (8ppl - 2 tables of 4)
Coral Reef lunch on Oct 22nd at 12:20 (5ppl)
Cape May Cafe character Bfast on Oct 19th 8:55am (4ppl)
The Wave Oct 21st 7:10pm (5ppl)

I had posted these before and will cancel them tomorrow night if no one wants them - PM me if you do!


No one wants them? I also have Coral Reef 12:20 lunch on Oct 22nd for 5 ppl.



I can’t use them but I have to say, this is a very nice offer!



Well, I want them, but I can’t have them :pinch:
Ohana would be one point, I am pretty sure of that.

Are you cancelling your trip?


Darn…the dates don’t work for me…

Thanks for the offer!! I hope more MBer’s take you lead!!

Great idea!


This is kind of funny. We’re eating breakfast at Cape May on the 20th at 10:30. On the 19th we’re eating at 1900 Park Fare at 10:10.
We’re having late breakfast at CP on the 22nd at 10:25, so Coral Reef only 2 hours later would be pushing things for us.
Somebody should be able to use your reservations. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that a le Cellier reservation might open up at a time and day we can use.


[QUOTE=Dopey;879308]Well, I want them, but I can’t have them :pinch:
Ohana would be one point, I am pretty sure of that.

Are you cancelling your trip?[/QUOTE]
Nope, we’re still going :happy: I was just super lucky and after calling for a few days straight I got LTT for early dinner so going for a late bf at Ohana’s might be a little too much for us. I am still trying to get it for a differnt date though.

I also changed my Coral Reef for the day before. The Cape May I really don’t want to give up - I was a front desk CM @ Beach Club and remember seeing all the families going in and all the characters hanging out in the lobby. But I have been overruled…by a 6 year-old.

As it is I am not done booking everything. I have never had to book before - we would just walk up to the podium - this planning is fun but driving me batty :ninja:


I am bumping this up because I updated the list - and I am cancelling them tomorrow night. If you think you might need them speak now or go hungry :laugh:


Thanks Tea, but they still don’t work with my plans.
(Just bumping the thread)


Thank you for offering but I am coming home on Oct. 15th. :sad:


I wish I had a trip planned so I could use these. You were nice to offer, sorry you haven’t had any takers.