Anyone not impressed with the ME?


Just wondering.
We are debating using ME for the trip home.
We are doing the towncar for the trip into Disney so we can stop at the grocery store.



It was so convenient, the buses were literally waiting for us at the airport. Check in was super easy. We experienced no lines checking in, or line for the bus. We took our own luggage & they loaded it directly on the bus for us. We stayed at WLV so we stopped at Poly & GF, but it was literally only for a couple minutes. All total from pulling away from airport to WLV it was 45 minutes… and that included the 2 other resort stops. They play a very cute video with Mickey and the gang to your resort, and a cute one telling you to come back when leaving your resort. The drivers were very quick with loading and unloading luggage & friendly.

I would definitely do it again.

For many years we have used a towncar… just for the grocery shop. We thought about it and decided to save the money, bring our snacks from home, and buy soft drinks, milk, & water there.


Ditto what Daisee said…

You could always use ME for your arrival trip and use Garden Grocer. It may cost a little more to have them deliver to your resort, but it’s got to be less than a towncar service. Actually, orders over $200 include free delivery.

I saw Garden Grocer delivering several times during our June trip, so it must be getting popular.


We have used it a couple of times, and each time it has been a different experience each time. We have encountered horrible lines, and we have encountered non-existent lines. One thing I do have to say is the trip from the resort to the airport has always been smooth.


DH is afraid of it and wants the Quicksilver service and convenience. Who am I to argue with that? But typing this now, I am wondering how much they’ll raise their prices :eek:


Yes, my dh doesn’t like the waiting part, but he likes the free part of ME.


For some reason my DH, who is tighter than a whisky barrel does not mind.
The other day I actually tried to talk him into trying ME. He didn’t bite:pirate:


No complaints here with ME.


Our daughters use it all the time - saves us a trip to the airport to pick them up. I’ve used it once. It’s great! No complaints at all!


To us, ME is one of the best perks of staying on-site! First it’s the big white glove waving to you, then it’s the friendliness at the counter, the short lines (that we have had), another friendly greeting as you board the bus, and then the show on the bus that gets you so excited for all that is ahead!

The only two bummers I can think of is not being able to take a picture of the WDW entrance sign and your resort sign and having then to be picked up 3 hrs ahead for your flight (if your flight leaves at 6am, like ours did, an extra hour sleep would be nice).

Right now as we are deciding whether to have a car while at WDW (we need one for the other part of the trip), ME is a big part of it because it’s so convenient and adds to the magic IMHO.


ME being free is the real draw for us. The only downside was how early they were picking us up on our departure day. We were there on time, then waited a 1/2 hour to be picked up and then stopped at 3 other resorts on the way. It was a bit of a drag. But again free is free. :blush:


I love, love, love ME! I have used it on every trip I’ve taken since they introduced it and have not had a problem yet. The one complaint I have is that I have never seen the welcome video that they show on the way to the resort. =(


My parents are using for the first time this trip, so I am happy to hear all the rave reviews. I really want this trip to be magical for them from start to finish. My step-dad was reluctant to us it at first, but I convinced him that free was a great thing and it would be really convenient for them. I hope they have a positive experience.


I don’t have any complaints about anything that Disney wants to provide me for free! :tongue: We love it, use it every trip to WDW.


Does anyone have an estimate on how many hours before your return flight you get picked up by ME as opposed to a car service?


I don’t know what ME stands for. I assume it is a transpertation service from the airport to WDW. Can anyone tell me if Disney has transportation from the nearest train depot to WDW? My other daughter plans on taking the train down there this fall. TY


Ditto on Daisee!


We just love ME, The convenience of checking in your bags at the airline counter and then having them “Magically” appearing in room later is a great perk. The return trip also went flawlessly on the three times that we have the service. Also the money saved from not having to rent a car or use a Towncar service more than makes up for having to use a grocery delivery service. As for the terminal to Resort travel time it has always been under an hour. If you were to rent a vehicle it would take just the same time considering getting your checked baggage getting to the rental agency, picking a car and getting through the checkout procedure. The only thing you loose is the convenience of a rental to get to places like “Texas De Brazil”
on ‘I’ Drive. But then you can’t have it all or can you? :laugh:


I think we were picked up 3 hrs. before our flight departure.

It was the perfect amount of time. We stopped at GF to pick up some guests, that took just a few minutes, then we were off to the airport. We arrived with plenty of time to check in, grab a quick dinner, and board.


ME is the so called Magical Express. It’s the “free” Meers bus branded with Disney for guest staying at Disney owned resorts. As you can tell, some people love it and some don’t. Personally, I had a horrible experience and won’t use it again.

Suggest you check with Quicksilver for transportation to/from train station. They are good people and reasonable. Link on home page here.