Anyone not using their Entertainment Coupon for


Universal/Orlando Meal and Movie Pass… We are going to WDW in June and need one. If you could share yours that would be great. PM me if you would be willing to send it to me!!


Welcome to Disney Central. I do hope someone is able to help you.


I might have one. Let me check tonight.


I wish I had thought to ask this here. I sent out an e-mail to all my friends last week asking. I already have one extra. Hoping to get a couple more from people at work before I go (our Union sells them as a fundraiser, so lots of people at work have them).


SusanSeng - Sorry I haven’t found my entertainment book yet. I think it’s in my wife’s car. I’ll look again tonight and let you know.


Sorry for my Stupidity but what are entertainment coupons.


There’s never a stupid question here. We all learn as we go along. :smile:

A lot of schools and organizations sell these big books called Entertainment books.
They are filled with money saving coupons for your area. Some of the coupons are national too. So no matter where you live, you can get coupons for some national companies, Universal being one of them.


SusanSeng - I have the coupon if you want it. Just send me a private message with your address and I’ll mail it to you.


Is that coupon only in the Florida one? I have 2 of the AZ ones, I’ll dig them out and check.


Thank you to all who have responded. We are taking a dream trip for my mother in law. She has always wanted to take her 3 boys, wives and all of the grandchildren to Disney World. This will help us with the cost of the trip.

She is just so excited to go. I can’t wait to tell her that she has a free meal coming!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. This board is really wonderful!! :flowers: :flowers: