Anyone or know anyone in the military (past or present)?


Those are the coolest pins! I would have loved to have found one of those at Disney this year. I was Army myself, but all forces get my support.

Per the Marines, my small group of friends, of the 5 of us, I am the only one that wasn’t a Marine. I will always be “Army Dog”. They have one thing they say I like though: What is the sound you hear when poop hits the fan? Marine…


Great pins!


[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1097900]Hey Veronica,

I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the pin. I received it the other day and it is very cool. ( Loved the card also ).

Thanks again,

Harry! I’m excited that you got the pin and loved the card. I keep those on special reserve because they’re too funny to get rid of all in one year.

Merry Christmas!