Anyone planning to go on the DVC cruise '08?


I got the card in the mail yesterday and I am thinking about doing it.
Anyone else?


What is the big deal about the DVC cruise? Sorry to sound so dumb, but is it any different from any other cruise? Not that I’ve been on a cruise, but I’ve seen Samantha Brown and “the love boat”, so I’m almost an expert.:laugh:


I believe they have lots of feebies and extra parties and stuff. I think it cost a lot of points, though and is hard to get in.


One cruise a year the Wonder is taken over by DVC members. Special guests and activties.

They normally have a members welcome reception with prizes on all the cruises. It’s sort of nice being one of the few hearing “welcome home.”

Sort of thinking about it but then again they usually have some fall special rates in September & 7 day western sounds like nice trip to me.


We would think about doing something like this but you have to use points and it is sooooooooooooooo many points for this cruise. For two inside cabins it is about 540 points for my family of 5. That is $5400!:eek: I am going on the 7 night western cruise in Nov 2008 with 6 people for less that that!


I totally agree, but I always say, check it out for myself. So I booked a 3 day Disney Cruise for my family. We are also going on a 7-day cruise and another 4 day cruise that are much less in price to Disney, but I figured I had to have something to compare to. So do it at least once I would say.


We went on the 2007 DVC Member Cruise and had a very good time. We will be on the road, driving to the airport (to go back to Disney for Thanksgiving) as I am trying to call Member Services to book the 2008 DVC Member Cruise. So if everyone else could wait until about 9:15 to start calling, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your cooperation.


My mom order the Disney cruise lines vacation DVD Tomorrow! and She is a travel agent!


The DVCMember site says some limited availability left. So if you still want to go…