Anyone read


a Good Biography or Autobiography of Walt? I just thought I’d go to Amazon and pick one up! HA! There are like 30!

Any reviews or recommendations would be appreciated.:wub:


If you want to read a positive, happy profile of Walt, the authorized biography by Bob Thomas is fine. There is one by Neal gabler, Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination, that is very good. It is quite detailed, and balanced, but as such is not always the most flattering portrayal of the man. Overall, it’s the best I’ve read.


I have a great one at home - I will get you the title!!


I just started one called How To Be Like Walt. I am only a chapter into it but it seems good so far


That is the best book!! That is the one that I read and liked so much. Get this one!!! :cool:


Cool, I’m on it, thanks!