Anyone receive the new vacation planner guide for '09-'10 yet?


I thought we got our guide before Christmas last year and I would have thought we would have received the new one by now.


I did not get mine here in PA yet.

No payee dues till I get my planner, DVC!!!:whistling


We haven’t gotten our planner yet either.


None here, either.


Not here either


DVC says it’s not coming out until “late spring”.


I read that, too. Why wait til late Spring to mail out the 2009 planner? :wacko: I would think they would mail it out so all DVC members would have it before the start of the New Year.


It is probably delayed due to the switch from II to RCI. It may also be to include the point charts for GCV.


I ordered mine after christmas and they said 2-3 weeks! I will get mine next week!


You are probably right. :happy: