Anyone see G-Force


How was it? Thinking of taking a group of kids to see it at the drive-in tomorrow so no 3-d but was wondering how it is. Our local paper gave it not great reviews. But it’s Disney how bad can it be?


Took my DD (9) to see it. She loved it. I did, too. These 3-D movies sure have made going to a movie more expensive, though.


I hear ya! I’m just glad that my kids don’t like 3D movies…I always look for the theatre that has regular viewing…$3.00 additional for 3D is crazy!


I know it is insane and for what why can’t you just purchase the glasses and then reuse them for the next movie. Then they could charge you the $3 as a one time thing and save the environment. DD doesn’t like the 3-d to much either, she wears glasses and it makes here sick when she tries to do the 3-d’s


Just to let everyone know we did end up seeing G- Force at the drive - in tonight and the kids and I loved it. DH slept but we were at the Zoo all day so he has an excuse, lol.


Glad to hear the good review, thanks! Hopefully I can get there with the kids next week before we head to WDW!


My 11 year old DD and our 4 year old neighbor went to see the movie. They both gave it 2 thumbs up!! They said it was awesome!:laugh:


I haven’t seen it but my niece is visiting this weekend & it’s RAINING! :sad: So we may just take her to see it. :smile: Although, from the moment I saw that dang preview with the “Poop in her hand, poop in her hand” line I was pretty much done with the whole concept. :laugh: