Anyone see the History Channel Disney World Show?


There was a show on the History Channel (my favorite channel!) last night about the building of WDW. It was a new show that included M:S and EE. Problem was, it was 2 hours long and started at 10 PM. Blast it! I had a Monday am meeting and I don’t have TiVO. :sad:
I only watched the first 1/2 hour and it was real cool. Hope they re-play it soon.


I fell asleep about half way through but what I saw was very good. I think I have it on TiVo from a month or so ago.


We saw bits and pieces of it 'cuz it was on at the same time as our favorite show (Grey’s Anatomy). What we did see looked really interesting. Lots of very cool facts about how Disneyland and WDW came about through Walt’s imagination and the actual creating and building of everything. I wished I had recorded it. I hope it comes on again.


I found the DVD on the web site, but don’t think I want to plunk down 25 bucks for it.


It’s on again Thursday March 23, 2006 from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM Channel - HISTORY Channel.


Thanks DT, think I’ll have to develop a cough due to cold by then so I can call in sick ahem… :dry:


LOL You’re welcome! I need to check and see if I have it Tivoed. I caught it once but missed the first 10 minutes, I would like to have to whole thing.


Thanks DT! I’ll record it this time. Unless, of course, I develop that same cough. :wink: It IS possible to spread germs over the internet, isn’t it?


It’s totally possible. :ninja:


The Modern Marvels show acctually aired Dec.25,2005, this was a repeat. Just look out for a replay.


I watched this a couple of months ago and loved it! One of the best WDW-focused cable programs I’ve seen so far!


We watched it again, and saw it the first time it aired on 12/25.
Really a great show!


Thanks for the update. I’ll program the DVR for it.


I think I’m going to have to buy a copy because I keep missing it and forget to record it. :pinch:


Just put in in my calendar - Thanks!


You can pre order it at Amazon for $16.88 instead of $24.99 at the History channel store. It says release date is March 28th


I saw this a few months ago. I am sure they will re-run it again.
I taped it and sent it to my BIL who started an entertainment engineering online magazine and has interviewed imagineers for articles. I thought it would give him a good background on Disney’s development over the years.
It was very enjoyable to watch!


Oh wow, thanks!


I’ll miss it!!
I’m going to be in DC for a school trip for three days.
No not this DC… Washington DC. :laugh:


DT - Thanks for the info! I forget about that web site. I wrote down a few others that I’ve seen but would love to catch again to get my Disney fix! :wub: Going to set up Tivo now!