Anyone see the new Playhouse Disney show?


My 5-year old loves Playhouse Disney. We saw the show last year, and he was a little disappointed that he didn’t know many of the characters. Has anyone, especially with kids in the target age range, seen the new show? Is it worth it?



I would think it would me better, character wise, because they updated it to what is now playing on Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel. I’ll have to check it out next week with my group of 4 & 5 year olds that I’m traveling with.


We were there two weeks ago and saw the show. It is very cute. They have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. The best part is right outside of the theater they have most of the characters doing meet & greets most of the day. If your child currently watches Playhouse Disney they there won’t be any disappointments!:mickey:


I too am excited about this show. I was also worried that it would not be all that it was cracked up to be so I also booked the Play N Dine at Hollywood and Vine Lunch to be on the safe side. If both are great then DS gets double the dose of Playhouse Disney which he would not mind!

Lisa :mickey:


Fantastic show. Even for a 25 year old! Grant it, I still love watching cartoons, but it still was great!


Thanks, everyone! They had a bit of it on the “What You Get For the Money: Vacation: Walt Disney World Resort” yesterday, and it looked cute.

And yes, I admit I like most of the cartoons, too! :blush:


Oh if they watch it now, they will KNOW the WHOLE SHOW!! We saw it yesterday and my DD4 was dancing and singing . . . when it was over she did say . . . I’m still sad about Bear (she only knows him from this) but I like the new show . . . I’ll have pics in my TR . . . just gotta unpack first!! :laugh:


Is the show a separate thing? I was just reading the thread and would like more info? Anybody . . .


Not sure exactly what you mean . . . but when you get to the park, you have to pick up a show schedule . . . on this lists the times of all the shows (Hollywood studios has a lot) Playhouse Disney runs pretty much every 30 minutes, but there are gaps during the day . . . You then line up at the scheduled time and are let into a large room. Everyone sits on the floor, but there are a few benches along the back if you are unable too! The show starts and the kids, dance and sing to all the Playhouse Disney songs . . . there are bubbles, streamers, lots of good stuff. The show lasts about 20 minutes. Once you leave, the characters are standing out front for photo ops!


Thanks. This makes sense.


Excellent - exactly what I wanted to hear!


We enjoyed the old show, but I was very excited to hear they updated it to something more current! My 4 year old is gonna go nuts when he sees MICKEY and the gang on stage!


If you want an awesome sneak peek, check this out: Playhouse Disney

I have a daugther right in the target age and I cannot wait for her to see Mickey and the Gang AND Pooh. She will flip. :laugh:

You can even google the H & V character meal as well.


WOW!! Thanks for posting the “sneak preview” link from youtube!! The show looks much better than the old one… My son is going to go nuts for this!! Thanks again!:laugh: