Anyone seen the new light show at DHS?


The sunset seasons greeting? The show with billboards and pictures on tower of terror? What’s it like? How much time do you spent there?

We have several of our days starting at noon, so we do rides or shows and then do the night time lights. It just takes too long to go out in morning, back in afternoon and then out again at night. I’d rather go out later and just stay at the park. If the express bus between parks was still running, it would be a different story. But disney won’t listen to me and bring it back. And I’m too cheap to keep paying for Minnie vans.

So anyone?


We are going to try and get down to see it in the next week or two. Will post some picts and mini TR it.


Thanks but we will be going down this Saturday. Our one day at DHS on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll see it.

We have a few ADR and lots of FP made, but with no grandkids this trip, we will be doing what we want and that includes throwing all plans out the window.