Anyone stay at Amerihost?


We usually choose to stay on propertywhen we go, but in this case we aren’t. I got 5day/4 night stay at Amerihost in Orlando and a 3day/2night stay at Ramada in Ft.Lauderdale all for 199.00 total!!!:ohmy: :ohmy: this guy paid 600.00 for it sold it to us, we have 1 year to use it. he dropped it this low because he needed to sell it in 2 days do to family issues he ha 4 others listed for same place I guess they planned a family reunion. we thought it was a to good to be true thing but it all checked out to be ok no fine print to worry about.

we have to buy aire fare, but there is no block out dates or anything.

anyone know much about the Ramada in Ft. Lauderdale, I was told its by the beach

thanks much- steph