Anyone stay at new Poly DVC yet?


Our wait list came through for our 10th wedding anniversary trip in Nov. I am rather excited to be staying here as I have not stayed there since my folks took me 40 years ago when I was 4 years old :slight_smile:

If anyone has been able to stay in the new rooms, I would appreciate a review. We are staying in a standard view studio :slight_smile:

Thanks folks!


Haven’t seen them in person but there has been a lot of news stories about them locally. It looks fabulous. I can’t imagine it not being.


I saw the new DVC webcast yesterday which is promoting PVB and it does look fantastic. The studios look great which I am happy to see/hear since that is what we will be staying in.

The bungalows are absolutely stunning. I will never be able to stay in one of those unless we win the lottery, but I would say any of our resident big point bosses like rlcarmichael and DVC Mike should be able to have a stay no problem :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked at them (online) the week of spring break. The pricing for those on the water was less than the regular DVC at POLY. I couldn’t talk my husband into spending the money. That was probably my one and only chance…


I don’t understand …the pricing for those on the water was LESS than the regular DVC at poly… I thought the points needed for those are unbelievable. 130 (give or take based on season) a night??? On Christmas day, a Poly bungalow is 227, a 2 bdr TP view at BLT is 98.


Yes- but I was looking at actual dollars because we are not DVC… The regular DVC rooms were $673 a night and the bungalows were $570 a night. I checked it three times- I could not believe it myself…


…still too much for me to want to pay but that is odd isn’t it???


Yes- I thought so! I wanted to stay there so badly- it was the first week they were open.


That is really odd. In fact that sounds sort of cheap (doing disney math) for that.


It might have been a thing just because it was the first week… and I couldn’t get my husband to bite-oh well- there goes that dream (along with the one I have about staying at the Grand Floridian- still hoping!).


I am REALLY disappointed in the DVC Poly.

Told my guide a long time ago that I had all of the points I wanted, that is until Poly.

I have ZERO interest in adding on at Poly. The price is insane. MOST of the units are 45 year old remodeled hotel rooms for new construction prices, like 50% higher than BLT.

No 1 bedroom units?!? And the per night cost is unreal. BLT 3 BR grand Villa Theme Park View is LESS than 2 br bungalow at Poly.

Both DW and I are really bummed about Poly.


It’s a demand thing…pure and simple… (ok, location, location, location…)


I get worried that before long…everything is going to go DVC, and there won’t be anything left for those of us not interested in DVC…or won’t be much less to chose from…


I worry about the same thing… its crazy. And if they build DVC every where, what is the incentive to buy into DVC if you can stay there anyway? (Yeah, I know that cost thing is a factor, ugh).