Anyone stay at POFQ lately?


Thinking about a split day with one night at a DVC resort (on points) and 3 nights elsewhere in early March(3/15-3/18). Had originally hoped to use points for the whole thing but that isn’t going to happen this time.

Anyway, the only moderate available is POFQ where I haven’t stayed since 1999. Last time I did some research on traveler reviews, there seemed to be a lot of mousekeeping complaints for POFQ. Has anyone stayed there lately that can tell me how it was?

Even with spring discounts, the AKL and WL would be about $400 more than POFQ and the Epcot resorts (where we would love to stay) are about $700 more so it is looking like it will be POFQ.

I’d love to hear recent experiences!


My parents were just there in November and they didn’t have a single complaint. It is one of our favorite resorts, I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad experience with anything on that resort. We are headed back there again in March. Can’t wait!!


I was there in April and absolutely loved it. Very clean, buses were great and just all around a great experience. My brother was there just a couple of days ago, and was very pleased also.


I haven’t been there in about 8 years but I have a question; was DVC all booked up or do you just not want to use the points?


I am staying there this upcoming August for nine nights, so that should tell you something. I am seriously picky about where I stay and would never stay anywhere for that long if it was “iffy”. I did have some minor issues last trip there ,but it was minor mousekeeping problems that could happen anywhere. I also had a fridge issue, but again, could have happened at any resort. At the time, I was rather frustrated about the issues I did have, but after time passes, you realize how trivial the issues and complaints you have are. This August will be my third time staying there. To me there is no other moderate option.:heart:


we will be there the 1st week of Feb. Dana hooked me with her glowing reviews of POFQ when we decided to move up from values…boy was she right!! we LOVE POFQ…have stayed there 3 times now…can’t imagine staying anywhere else.
clean, great buses…small, beautiful, boat to DTD…just perfect!


POFQ was our first resort in 1993…it took me all of 30 minutes to get hooked on the resort. We’ve tried other resorts, and have primarily stayed at POR over the past few years, due in large part to several more options for swimming and the sit down restaurant.

This past trip, we were taking the boat from POR to DTD, and passed FQ, I turned to my wife and said…I’m ready to go home again…she knew exactly what I meant, so we’re booked from 11/7-21 at POFQ!!!


We were there early December. We love it. Mousekeeping did and great job. We also had cute little animals just about every day. We like it because it is smaller and really nice.


My fil loves POFQ. He’s stayed there every yr since 04. I was there in 08 and did have issues w/ Mousekeeping. She/he wasn’t all that great. No towel animals, no toiletries etc. I was sadly disappointed since all I heard was how wonderful the place is. But in passing other rooms with shades open (yeah I looked occasionally:ph34r:) I saw towel animals etc. I do tend to think like with anywhere you go customer service varies from person to person. Some are more into it than others, which sucks.

Here it is January and we’re booked for June for POFQ. I am hoping this trip is much better and that we get a Mousekeeper that will live up to my dire need of towel animals and free toiletries. :laugh:

That being said, I didn’t let a lazy Mousekeeper ruin my stay there. The food was wonderful, boat/bus service fantastic, and the rest of the hotel was perfect. I didn’t even know we had a Brazilian soccer team staying there til I saw them leaving. Meanwhile I would have heard/seen them a lot at a value resort. (I have and man are those guys noisy.)

So here goes to my 2nd time at POFQ and am anticipating it to be perfect.


I have to agree 100% here. No complaints at all. And compared to POP buses, this was GREAT!

Never did I ever leave Epcot just after illuminations and get on the first bus!


Just got back from POFQ…stayed for 5 days including NYE…It was wonderful there as usual…we LOVE this resort. Bldg.4 for our stay and mousekeeping was great. No problems at all and the resort was packed. Bus service was really good, too.


We also were in Building 4. Really short walk to the bus stop!


Thanks everyone! I truly appreciate ALL your input.

Jess, we only wanted to use a really small amount of leftover banked points and stay in a studio but MS couldn’t find us anything in a studio that wouldn’t have us endlessly moving around (even OKW was not available!). So now I think we are going to stay one night in a 1 bedroom and then move to a regular resort for 3 nights.


Over Thanksgiving, we did 3 nights at POFQ, then 6 at BCV.

It was our second stay of POFQ, and we had no real issues. The pool slide was down for maintenance one day (the best swimming day) but the kids loved the pool. The food court was more than acceptable for breakfast. The boat tide to DtD was a nice change of pace too.

It certainly wasn’t home (BCV), but we would stay again. The kids opinion was, and I quote, “It was just like the Hampton Inn, but with a cool pool.” As the love to stay at the Hampton Inns, that is a positive review!


We stayed there a few weeks ago and LOVED it! We’d never stayed there before and just fell in love with it. Mousekeeping was awesome! Her name was Rosa and she did a great job, including giving us extra toiletries. I would request building 4 if I were you. It’s so close to the bus stop!


I think I was in building 2 for our stay.

Either way, I’m not letting the Mousekeeping issue keep me away. I’m sure it was a fluke and if the other 4 says fil had there were perfect, then I’m willing to go back. I can’t wait. I just love love love that resort. :heart::heart::heart::wub:


Loved POFQ. :heart: We had stayed at CS, which we also enjoyed, but POFQ is better. It is much smaller and getting around is easy. The boat to Downtown is wonderful.:blink: The only complaint I can think of, is the pool gets busy. Riverside people come over to use it (saying POFQ pool is better). The slide is really nothing except if you are younger than 6. Food court was good.


We have stayed at POFQ a few times (the first was back in 91, when it was really PO!!) It is our favorite mod. It is small, easy to get around, and for the most part quiet. We have always found it to be clean and kept up. The pool does get busy, but the food court is good. It is a short walk up to POR (old Dixie Landing), which has a sit down restaurant. The transportation via waterway is great to DtD


Thanks again to everyone for their input. We are FINALLY booked but not at POFQ! LOL We have changed our plans SO many times for this mini-trip that my head is spinning.

We ended up booking 2 nights at the Boardwalk (we got the room only discount they are offering right now) and 2 nights in a Savanna View Studio at AKL-Jambo House.

Now on to the dining!