Anyone stay katella palms hotel?


hi i just booked a trip for aug and was suggested by the cm on the phone for the katella palms hotel. i was looking for something very cheap! i was wondering if anyone has any info, good, bad, or ugly on this hotel. or if anyone would suggest something cheaper, and what would it be?
thanks in advance for any reviews, i googled reviews and only came up with on that was very negative, now i am worried.


Hi mena! Welcome to DC!

I’m unfamiliar with the hotel you’re referring to. Do you mean the Desert Palms Hotel?

For a very cheap hotel on Katella, I would recommend the Alpine Inn. They are a no-frills hotel, but the rooms have just been renovated and they have a nice pool as well! A good value for the price you pay.

Also…the Desert Palms Hotel is a little more expensive than the Alpine Inn, but if you could afford to stay there it is FANTASTIC. We LOVE that hotel! :wub: