Anyone thought about Halloween yet?


My kids asked me if we can start thinking about their costumes today. I have no clue what they shall be. Naturally Disney of course b/c they have never been anything else since they were born… He is the thing. I bought my oldest last year the day after Halloween Belle’s Delux costume and the reg costume. She wanted both to wear for when we went to WDW this year. She wanted to wear at dinner when we ate with the characters. My youngest got Cinderella… Never been worn for Halloween so I asked them to wear those. My youngest wanted to be Snow white but I know she wont wear the wig and my oldest wanted to be curella but I cant find it in a size 10. So does any one have any suggestions??
My plan is to go to Disney direct after HAlloween to see any sales so I can buy for next year MNNSHP


My answer to your question is…
And I am planning on staying home and giving out candy this year…


I’m going to be pregnant Britney Spears for Halloween! :laugh:


ingamba if you do that you might scare all the tricker treaters away! :laugh:

I am usually not into Halloween myself but this year I am really feeling the urge to dress up. I may have to find a disney character to be :biggrin:


PLEASE take a picture & post it!! now that her hair is black…well, it will still be a stretch…but less of one~ (not that you look like her…but she is starting to look more like a 30 yo. italian guy! hehehehe

happy halloween!


Will Jack be baby Shawn (spelling)?


Blonde, brunette, Italian or not, she’s always hot!!


Did you see her in the Dateline interview?? She looked far from hot there! But if you are going for a scary costume it will be a big hit!


LOL… Thats too funny… I want to see that!!!


My DD was 2 when she was Snow White and I just curled up the ends of her hair and put a red ribbon in it–there was no way I was even going to attempt a wig with her, lol.

I have no suggestions for Cruella other than trying to make one, or bribing a family member to make one. It’s would be fairly easy to make a simple half black/half white dress–you can easily get away with no zippers, etc. You may be able to buy accessories-the fur stole, the handbag, the wig, etc., even if you had to go to e-bay to do it.

We still are undecided about our MNSSHP costumes. Actually the kids still dont’ know we are going to WDW, lol. I am off to DL in 11 days (:mickey: ) and will hunt down some costumes while I am there.


I have been surfing Ebay all day. I found this really really really beautiful minnie dress that was purchased from WDW. It is up for $50.00 with no bids and buy it now for $80.00 The person selling wants payment immed but Im not willing to sign up for paypal. There is also a beautiful snow white dress now for $10 with 3 days left. Im a last minute bidder so I may wait for it. Curella I have some ideas but that will be for next year for MNSSHP. I think I can do that somehow. i just have to look more into it.


Oops, I misread your post and thought Cruella was for this year :blush: It’s only 8:15am here, I must need more coffee, lol. It does sound like you may find at least one on e-bay! Maybe a Cruella will show up as well :happy:


I just found a beautiful dress (minnie) on Ebay. the seller says it was purchased at WDW. At first said pp only but I just rec a email stating that she will take $ order. There is 1day and 3 hours left so what time will it actually end? I dont think that is ever accurate. I may just do the but it now option. Does anyone know how much minnie dresses go for at WDW… this one is covered in sequins and comes with minnie ears covered in sequins…


My DD is going to be Jasmine for Halloween. My SIL brought her a costume back from WDW and she wants to wear it. Still don’t know about DS, he’s tough, he just turned 10 and isn’t sure he even wants to dress up. I want to have their costumes all set a week or two after school. Their little sister is scheduled to arrive on Nov. 1 (unless she decides she wants to be early) so I know I will be a little busy.


Congrats on the baby! Too bad I dont have my little pooh honey pot costume anymore cause I would have sent it to ya. I loved that costume. Im still trying to decide if I want to but that costume of ebay. Starting price is $50.00 with no bids ends in 1 day and 3 hours but buy it now if $80.00 I think I may just go and do it but my husband may have something to say about that…


Thank You.

Do you belong to Costco or know someone who does? They have the most beautiful Disney Princess costumes and from what people have told me they are reasonably priced and made well. I bet they may even be out now. My DD has Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and got many compliments on both of them when we went to WDW last Dec.


I belong to BJ’s. I have to see. I think that they do have costumes… I am in love with the minnie one on Ebay but dont know about the price. I will see if I can copy the link and post here…


I needed that!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I have a great wig you can borrow!

you have no idea how hard I am laughing


eBay: DISNEY MINNIE MOUSE COSTUME/EARS PAGEANT SPARKLE RARE (item 110017639926 end time Aug-11-06 14:54:38 PDT)

Lets see if this works! Im new to this… But if it does this is the costume I love…


Ok. I think it worked accept it said that Im log in??? Oh well… Just dont up my bid!! LOL…