Anyone tried the DVC option in London?


Looking into the Royal Garden Hotel for 2010, which as far as I can tell, is the only DVC option in London at this time. It is part of the Concierge Collection, and II is not listing any London locations at all, which may not mean much since II might be on its last year with DVC.

In any event, Royal Garden also appears to offer only rooms for two people, which would mean we’d need to shell out a ton of points each night for two rooms to accommodate all four of us. Whew! It’s 64 points per room, per night already.

Am I missing some options?


Most hotel rooms in the UK are double or twin rooms for 2 people unless you can get a family room. We love it when we come to the US as we can all fit in 1 room in all hotels!


The only other option I know of at the Royal Garden (It is the Kensington hotel isn’t it?) is a junior suite, that is a king bed but can be inter connected with another twin bedded room to make a four sleeper if you know what I mean- dont know about cost points wise but knowing the RG it could be mega bucks!


Well, then it suddenly looks like we will be staying half as long as I had hoped… I suppose that’s just as well, if we make each moment of each day count! We will really need to move quickly to see everything we’d like to.


Hey its worth finding out- dont forget Britain is in the midsts of a recession and we need the tourism- the RG like any other business will be hard hit and they may be offering great deals. I dont know if that tips over into DVC points but it might. Its worth looking into.


Actually, as unfortunate as it is, we might have to use the Marriott program, which offers more than a dozen properties with rooms sized like US rooms. I had hoped DVC had a good option, but I think Marriott has London locked up. There is a wide range of points requirements, as well, so we will find something through Marriott.


O wow you better write a very detailed trip report because i dream of going to London!!!


That is exactly what I was thinking!


I stay in a Marriott in Windsor ( just outside central London) and that is superb- I guess there are other Marriotts in the city isn’t there?? Good Luck anyway, have you been to England before?


You will have more options with the RCI exchange program starting 2009. There are MANY more RCI locations than II.