Anyone use Disney Rewards Visa for stay?


My husband and I want to go on a Disney Cruise in a few years with our son. I keep getting applications in the mail but it says that 100 dollars spent = 1 Disney Dream Reward Dollar. If anyone knows, could you please tell me how many Reward Dollars it takes to get a Cruise or even a trip to Disneyland. Maybe it would be more adventageous to just get a mileage credit card to go?


You can only obtain $750 per year worth of Reward Dollars. This means you will have to spend $75,000 in order to obtain the $750 Reward Dollars. But don’t fret, it is a good way to purchase a few souvenirs at the parks. I find the card is used best to pay for a trip now and then have 6 months worth of time to pay the trip without incurring interest charges.

Still it is nice knowing that every time you use the card, you are obtaining points towards a little magic.

The best thing to do is charge every household expense towards the card. I do the same with my Amex One Card and I stand to earn about $500 this year alone.

By the way if you don’t use the dream dollars, they do expire and I am not sure if they rollover or not.


We just got ours but a friend of mine uses her points to buy disney DVDs when they come out.


I saved up and will use them for the Mini-mice in WDW.


I have been saving my reward dollars up to apply to a stay at one of the deluxe resorts. I have 380 points (= to $380 disney dollars). My goal is to max it out with the 750, then cash it in. I believe they can either send you disney dollars or give you a debit-like card for disney. I put all our pricey purchases on it. Surgery was recently ($3000), tires for the car, co-pays for medical, etc. The reward dollars do expire but they are good for a long time before that happens. I think some of mine expire in 2008.

A few years ago I cashed in 60 points and was sent 60 disney dollars. I used it like cash at the hotel and they applied it as cash towards my balance due.


We just got a Disney Visa in March. Used it to book our Disneyland package (double points), our rental car, and airplane tickets. We now have over $100.00 to use in the parks, probably for food or souveiniers. Who would turn down free money?


We used ours for souvieniers, it is really alot easier to use that cause all you have to do is take your card around with you, instead of worrying about pulling out cash.


Keep in mind that if you use the Disney Visa to pay for a trip at 0% interest and you have a regular balance,they apply whatever payment you make toward the 0% balance first then the regular balance.


We got ours back in March as well, and we have been putting all of our household expenses and all of our major purchases that we have needed to make on the card so that we can earn the points for our trip in Sept. It will come in handy for misc expenses, especially like souveniers. We had to make these purchases anyways, why not gain something in return?

Most important thing to remember… You have to pay it off every month or the finance charges are very high!!!

We love our card, I have teh mickkey and friends one and I always feel so “special” when I use it!


We have had ours for almost 2 years put everything on it and pay it off each month in FULL. We have never paid interest and have received right at $650 in rewards thus far. It isn’t a way to pay for your ENTIRE Disney trip, but we love having free money to buy souveniers and food.

I really do wish Chase Visa would give members better offers on resort costs or have more specials…that is where I feel the card is greatly lacking.


We don’t put much on our Disney Visa but the few reward dollars will be fun to spend. Since last summer I’ve only earned $65 points/dollars but I’ll enjoy spending it in a couple of weeks.


I charge all my business expenses to my Disney Visa. I then pay it off each month. It’s great to know that I am getting those reward points to use on my next trip. Last year I paid for 1 night at the WL with them.

It definately won’t pay for your whole trip, but will help for parts of it!


We used ours this week to purchase one of our passes, and it was a nightmare! We were on hold for 37 minutes last Friday while they attempted to figure it out, no luck. They took our name and number and and was going to have someone call us, no luck. I called back on Monday and they told me I had to call Chase, I calle dChase and they set they had noting to do with you spending your points (whick I knew). I finally called back Tuesday night and got loud with someone who helped me. It was not worth the “free ticket”. I am no longer racking points on that card. Just our experience.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. DW and I use our reward points every year to defray the cost of our annual passes, which we did just last week. We then charge the balance of the passes back to the Disney Visa to get more points before paying it off the next month.

Living in Orlando, though, we have the advantage of going to Guest Relations in person and not having to bother with a telephone transaction.


I’m sorry that you had a bad experience, but if I’m understanding you correctly you were (finally) able to use your reward points over the phone? I eventually want to use mind to pay (over the phone) towards my trip balance but wasn’t sure if this was posssible.


We like to use ours for a special dinner while we are there! ( Of course I think they should be used for pins…)


Pins??? Shocked I am!!!


As if!!! LOL!!! :wink:


Yes, we were able to finally utilize our points when connected to the right person.